Volunteer opportunities

XLT Atlanta volunteers

We can always use help in the XLT office. If you would like to help with random XLT tasks, email Jessica.


Two volunteers will be needed, every Sunday, for the 5 pm Mass. Contact Ralph O'Connor to sign up to be a Lector.


There are many types of volunteer opportunities at the Preschool at All Saints. Please email Hope Long for more information.


Two volunteers will be needed, every Sunday, for the Sunday 10:30 am Mass. Contact Carla Trippi to help in the nursery.

Coffee & Donuts

Volunteers will help with either the distribution of coffee and donuts after mass or clean up after the coffee and donut event. Contact Matt Allen with questions or to sign-up.

We can always use some help in the youth program office, email Jessica.

Youth Program

Volunteer with the Knights of Columbus on Friday evenings during Lent. More details here.

*Fish fry

A dinner set-up helping Jessica with some of the following jobs:

  • helping with serving meals and dinner clean up.

  • restocking plates, utensils, drinks snacks and etc.

  • ordering meals and maybe picking up dinner.

Click Here to sign up! If you have a question feel free to email Jessica. 

EDGE - Food Team

 When you attend Mass on Easter, Christmas or another feast day, you probably notice that the church looks a little different. Flowers, banners and other decorations are set-ups in the sanctuary and on the church grounds. The Liturgy Support volunteers are the ones responsible for this.

They decorate to not only to support the liturgy but to enhance and make special the holiday seasons. Our volunteers work only the time they can spare, whether it’s an hour, or five! We are always looking for new ideas. We truly welcome your help in this rewarding ministry.

Liturgy Support Group is looking for volunteers to for this group. Please contact Ed Konopka at 770-393-3255 x39. Thank you.

LIturgy Support

GREETER ministry

The Greeter Ministry is a great way to meet Parishioners and get involved at All Saints. Greeters serve as hospitality ambassadors to warmly welcome fellow parishioners at the weekend Masses and special celebrations at All Saints.

Volunteers are needed to serve as Greeters 20 minutes before the Mass of their choice. Greeters stand at the Church doors, say hello, and welcome their Fellow Parishioners to Mass. It’s that simple!! Individuals, couples, and families are invited to participate in the Greeter Ministry.

If you are interested in becoming a Greeter, please contact Mary Trantow. Volunteers are always welcomed!