Alive In YOU

Alive in You.jpg

When: June 24th - 30th, 2019
Destination: Knoxville, TN
Cost: $100 Non-Refundable Deposit to hold spot.

Overall Total Prices: $450

To Register: Please complete and return this paperwork

Individuals in Charge: Jessica Duron & Jesse Butrum

Estimated time of Departure: June 24th 12pm
Estimated time of Return: June 30th 12:30pm

This is only the second year that All Saints will be participating in the Alive in You camp, but the central focus of this camp is something that is so important to our Catholic faith that we couldn't wait to get back: service. Alive in You invites participants to dive into the service element of our faith, helping those in the community that are less fortunate. Additionally, it does so in a beautiful way that also allows us as a parish to continue to build up our own community through service to others. In this way, we are able to go back home, invigorated to serve those around us and share what we have experienced. 

The projects that we helped with two summers ago still stick out in my mind as some of the most meaningful service work I have ever been part of, from helping a principal in a low income area take pride in her school by painting classrooms to aiding an understaffed resource center for patients with incurable illnesses maintain the upkeep of their facility to helping a woman with mental illness reclaim part of her home by helping with landscaping and cleaning. The heart of each of these projects is to help restore the dignity of those who are being helped, to assist them in what they cannot do alone.