9th grade to-do's

All paperwork is due Oct. 15th of the year candidates are to be confirmed. 



  • Register– Each candidate must register for the Confirmation program and submit all sacramental record information.

  • Make sure you are a registered parishioner at a Catholic parish.

  • If you are registered at a parish other than All Saints, Submit a Letter of Consent


catholic school teens

  • 6 Service Activities (Volunteer Opportunities) - complete a service activity, which take place on the grounds of All Saints Catholic Church and fill out a Confirmation Service Activity Form

    • Service activity can be found here.

      • Saints Project: must select a Confirmation Saint and complete the Saints Project.

        • We take Saint names to draw close to a specific prayer warrior in Heaven who can pray for us and to remind us of our baptismal calling to become saints. Often our Confirmation Saints serve as role models for us throughout our lives as we aspire to grow closer to God.

        • For more information Click Here

      • Confirmation Sponsor: A sponsor plays a very important role in a candidate's Confirmation journey. He or she is able to:

        • Give witness to the Catholic faith and his/her personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, ministry, and honest sharing with the candidate.

        • Spend some dedicated time throughout the process with the Candidate reflecting on scripture, the Catholic faith, prayer, and what it means to live out your Catholic faith as a disciple of Jesus.

        • Serve as a faith filled mentor to the candidate to help him/her process thoughts, concerns, and questions about Confirmation and the Catholic faith. Sponsors do not know all the answers, but they know how to listen and guide.

        • Click here for Sponsor Form

      • Retreat: Attend one Life Teen retreat, or comparable experience (Summer camp, & Steubenville,). Retreats take place in the spring and fall of each year. See calendar for dates

        • If the candidate is not able to go on one retreat with All Saints they can attend a retreat with another parish.


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Everything in section above PLUS:

  • Attend Life Teen Program: attend 75% of Life Nights throughout 9th grade year. If candidates attend a Catholic school, he/she is exempt from this rule.

    • Records are kept according to a sign-in sheet presented at check in for Life Nights.

    • If a student misses a Life Night, Bible Study and/or an XLT event can count as a make-up class.

  • Battle Plan: A Confirmation Crash Course - During the summer leading into 10th grade, non-Catholic School students are required to enroll in Battle Plan: A Confirmation Crash Course. The course is four days long, and teens will be required to attend one of the two offered sessions. The two offered sessions are during the summer there will be an AM (9AM – 12PM) and PM (6pm – 9pm) course.